Pot Eko Faqs

What is Smart Pot Eko and how many appliances does it replace?

The Smart Pot Eko is a 9-in-1 multi-use programmable electric pressure cooker, replacing 9 common cooking devices: Pressure Cooker, Sauté Pot, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Egg Cooker, Steamer, Soup Maker, and Food Warmer all-in-one. It’s fast Simple, Smart and Superfast.

How do I know that the Smart Pot starts cooking?

After selecting the desired cooking function and setting the required cooking mode and cooking time according to your recipe, press the Start button to begin cooking. The Smart Pot will sound three audible beeps and enters the pre-heating cycle. If the Start button is not pressed, the cooker automatically starts after 10 second


Display shows On.

How do I set the cooking mode?

Your Smart Pot has three cooking modes with default timings for each except for Sauté, Slow Cook and Rice.


After selecting the desired cooking function, press Adjust button repeatedly to switch between Less/Normal/More mode.

How do I set the cooking time?

Although your Smart Pot has pre-programmed cooking time for each cooking mode, you can still manually adjust the time depending on your recipe except for Rice function which is fully automatic and Sauté. After selecting the desired cooking function, use + key to increase or - key to decrease cooking time.

Smart Tip: Press and hold the + or  key for faster changing of cooking time.


Can I use parts and accessories from other models of Smart Pot?

No. We highly recommend using parts that are designed specifically for each model. Each model comes with different designs and the use of parts or accessories not manufactured for a specific model is unsafe and may result to injury or damage to property. In particular, the sealing ring and lid must not be used interchangeably for other models as they may result to improper sealing and locking.


What is the inner pot made of?

The inner pot is made from superior quality 304 (18/8) stainless steel making it safe and healthy to use. It has no chemical coating and it’s dishwasher-safe too. At Nutricook, we ensure the health aspect of our products.


What is the steam rack made of?

The steam rack is made from food grade 304 (18/8) stainless steel and it’s dishwasher-safe too.


Is the Initial Test Run required?

It’s optional however we highly recommend performing the initial Test Run to familiarize yourself with the Smart Pot especially for first time users. It also sterilizes the cooking chamber and reduces residual odour from packaging materials.


How much food and liquid should be in the inner pot when cooking?

As a general requirement for pressure cooking, always ensure that your inner pot has the following minimum amount of liquid (this depends on the size of your cooker


  • 6 L: 1 ½ cups (375 mL)


However, if you are cooking a recipe that specifies the amount of liquid to be added on the inner pot, follow the liquid requirements based on the recipe to ensure best cooking results.


Note: These liquids should be water-based, including stock, broth, juice, cooking sauces, as well as wine and beer. Oils and oil-based sauces do not have enough water content to account for the required liquid volume. Add suitable liquid to thin condensed cream-based soups and thick sauces. Do not fill the inner pot higher than the MAX Line (Pressure Cooking Maximum), as indicated on the inner pot. Exercise extreme caution when cooking and venting food such as applesauce, cranberries, pearl barley, oatmeal, split peas, noodles, etc., as these foods may foam, froth, or spatter, and may clog the pressure release hole and/or pressure release valve. Do not fill the inner pot higher than the — 1/2 (both liquid and food) when cooking these foods.


Note: The combined amount of liquid and food should never go beyond the recommended maximum fill lines as indicated in the inner pot.