Smart Pot 2 - Non-Stick Pot
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Smart Pot 2 - Non-Stick Pot

Nutricook presents the Smart Pot 2 to add elegance to your kitchen and shine on your countertop

The smart pot cooker operates in 12 customizable presets to intensify the cooking experience and turning you into a chef effortlessly

It is more than just a smart electric cooking pot, it is your guide and companion to preparing a variety of tasty and healthy food The smart pot cooker functions as multiple appliances to fulfill your needs while cooking your favorite meals

The Smart pot 2 includes many functions of which we can name pressure cooking, slow cooking, rice cooking, steaming, food warming

As a smart electric cooking pot, the smart pot 2 is equipped with several accessories to enhance your experience in the kitchen and provide safety all at once It also looks fancy in your kitchen with its design and well-studied size, so do not worry about showing it off on your countertop

With its unique features and extended programs, the smart pot cooker focuses on giving you a new vision of cooking healthy food easily Some essential parts are the streamline control panel with the LED display along with the cooking status indicator that offers a safe and simple cooking experience

The smart electric cooking pot does not only allow easier and smarter cooking, but it also includes safety features like the release button that works automatically to let out the pressure with just one push

Smart pot 2 offers an easy and fun experience that results in tasty and healthy food with almost zero effort required

Let your innate chef out with only one touch

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Love My New baby

I meal prep for my whole workdays in one day in the weekend, and the nutricook was a saver! Amazing for multitasking in the kitchen and I tried in it all our traditional cuisine stews and broth that needs ages in the stove, amazing! In just minutes It is done with no need to babysit it like on the stovetop. Not to forget that it preserve more nutrients than any traditional cooking method.

Smart Lid

Our smart lid automatically seals the pressure release and the pressure release button safely releases steam with a single push so you don't risk touching hot steam at the end of the cooking cycle.

Ergonomic Handles

Designed for safe and easy handling.

LED Display

Easy to read bright LED display with cooking status indicator that tells you where you are at in the cooking cycle.

12 Customizable Presets

Designed for safe and easy handling.

Sleek Design

Made from finger-print proof glossy black stainless steel finish that is easy to clean.

Details you'll love

What's Included
Features Included-01

Stainless steel inner pot.

Healthy, food grade - Our inner cooking pot is made of superior quality 304 (18/8) stainless steel. It has no chemical coatings and it's dishwasher-safe, too.

Features Included-02

Stainless steel steam rack.

Made with food grade, durable and superior quality stainless steel, the steam rack is used to elevate food in the inner pot avoiding direct contact with liquid especially when steaming.

Features Included-03

Rice paddle.

Designed with flat surface, the rice paddle is ideal for scooping rice from the inner pot.

Features Included-04

Soup spoon.

Used to conveniently transfer liquids from the inner pot such as soups and broths.

Features Included-05

Measuring cup.

Ideal for measuring ingredients such as water, rice, grains etc.

Features Included-06

Sealing/Silicone ring.

An integral part of product safety, the sealing ring creates an airtight seal between the lid and cooker base. Made with food-safe and dishwasher-safe silicone so cleanup is easy.

Features Included-07

Condensation collector.

Collects excess water in the cooker rim produced during the cooking process.

Features Included-08

User Guide.

Contains all relevant information about the Smart Pot including initial set up, how to use instructions, troubleshooting and safety reminders.

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    Be your own chef
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